Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recipe to burn down your house

1 - Gather a lot of papers in your room over some months and then, one day, decide to get rid of them.

2 - Realize that some contain sensitive information, like your name, address, bank account and others, and that you need to make sure no one finds these out.

3 - Have the great idea (or just assume it's great) to put fire on those papers, instead of simply tearing them. You'll need a safe place to burn it all, like on an iron bowl on top of your stove.

4 - Put fire on the papers and see as the flames rise higher than you expected and how a shitload of smoke is produced, covering all of the kitchen and the rest of the house.

5 - Cut the fire by throwing water on the flames, and then you'll have even more poisonous smoke to your delight.

6 - ? ? ?

7 - PROFIT! You now have a smoked house and a hot bowl full of burned papers. You idiot.

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