Friday, April 9, 2010

MGMT - Kids

I had heard about the band many times, but never had any interest in listening to them. I accidentally did, when I watched the video below, which has Weezer singing their song "Kids", as well as Lady GaGa's "Poker Face".

The great thing about the Kids video is that it's not official, or at least wasn't at the time of conception. It was made by a fan for a school assignment, and he made it in just one night. It turned out amazing, and really fits the song. The two people with make-up that appear on the video are two of the fan's friends, and not the duo from MGMT. It was a relief to find that out, because one of the people really looked like a girl, and I was afraid that it was actually one of the guys from the band.

This link explains the story behind the video, and it's really interesting to see how a small project managed to get over 28 million views on YouTube